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British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body - Committee D Report - 2006

Type: Report

Young people from communities with the highest levels of economic deprivation face difficulties that extend far beyond financial limitations. The Committee considered the life chances young peoples aspirations and the likelihood of those aspirations to be achieved¯for youth from the most deprived wards in Belfast. Large sums of money are targeted on people and problems in these areas, both mainstreamed and short term funded projects, but that funding is not making a sufficient impact. Unlike other parts of the City and other areas of Northern Ireland the 'peace dividend' has made relatively little discernible impact upon these communities, neither Nationalist nor Unionist, in parts of East, North and West Belfast. These issues are not limited to deprived areas in Northern Ireland. In Belfast the economic problems are made worse as many young people have had their lives affected by the Troubles. The deprived urban areas are often the centre of such troubles and they suffer even more as a result.

Suggested citation:

. () British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body - Committee D Report - 2006 [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 22nd October 2019].


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