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Type C Committee recommends 24 contract changes

04 Oct 2014

Martin Varley, IHCA

The Type C Consultants Committee has recommended 24 changes from Type B to Type C contracts and additional Type C posts to be filled by recruitment over the past year, it has emerged.

The Consultants Applications Advisory Committee has also recommended a number of changes from Type B to Type B* and Category 1 to Category 2 contracts.

The designation of Type B*, Type C and Category 2 posts increases the number of patients that can be treated by a limited pool of consultants and would also, according to IHCA Secretary General Martin Varley, “assist Ireland’s ability to recruit and retain consultants”.

A doubling in indemnity costs on top of cuts in health insurance fees payable to consultants of 20 per cent or more in the past six years will lead to higher costs in treating private patients, a reduction in the number of consultants in private practice and an increase in the number of patients requiring care in already overstretched public hospitals if it is not addressed urgently, the IHCA has predicted.

If the health service management forces hospitals to cut back services “to stay within unrealistic budget limits” for the rest of the year, it will severely damage patient care, increase risks for patients and inevitably increase waiting lists, Varley warns in an article in this week’s IMT, published ahead of the Association’s Annual Conference in Cork this weekend.

Most hospitals were struggling to deal with their finances and to care safely for patients, Varley added.

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