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Social and healthcare staff’s self-reported simulation learning needs in small and middle-sized enterprises

26 Mar 2018

Objective: The study describes learning needs of social and healthcare staff in small and middle-sized enterprises, which participate in a simulation-based coaching project. The study aims at producing knowledge that can be used to develop the content of multiprofessional simulation-based coaching.
Methods: Data were collected through an online survey using a questionnaire with quantitative and qualitative items. The qualitative data were analyzed using inductive content analysis and the statistical data using SPSS for Windows version 23.
Results: The professional development needs of social and healthcare staff in small and middle-sized enterprises emerged in the following areas: the respondent’s professional knowledge base; the respondent’s professional skill base; multiprofessional collaboration; development of the business, and networking between enterprises. The staff recognized their need to develop both personally in the area of key competences, and collaboratively in the organization.
Conclusions: The results will be used when planning multiprofessional simulation-based coaching for acute, recurrent and infrequent situations in small and middle-sized social and healthcare enterprises. Simulation pedagogy can also be used to prepare for various client and family counseling situations and to practice communication and interaction for interdisciplinary teamwork.

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Clinical Nursing Studies