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A Single Centre Retrospective Analysis of Toxicity, Prognostication and Oncological Outcomes in Clinical Stage One Seminoma Treated with Carboplatin

19 Apr 2016

Aim: The aim of this retrospective study was to investigate the clinical role and side effect profile of adjuvant carboplatin in patients with clinical stage one seminoma. Methods: Twenty four patients with stage one seminoma who were treated with carboplatin were assessed retrospectively. Result: 54% (13/24) of patients experienced no acute toxicities with carboplatin.17%(8/24) had grade 1 myelosupression, 8% (2/24)had fatigue and 4%(1/24) had epididymo-orchitis.In terms of long-term toxicities due to carboplatin; 67% (15/24) were well at follow up,13% (3/24) had gastrointestinal toxicity,8% (2/24) had pulmonary changes ,4% (1/24)had grade two fatigue,4%(1/24) had a cardiac event and 4%(1/24) had erectile dysfunction.17% (4/24)had high risk histologic features with a tumour size greater than 4 cm and rete testis involvement.4% (1/24) patient had recurrent disease. 4% (1/24) patient had a second malignancy. All patients were alive at follow up. Conclusions: Our findings suggest that carboplatin is a safe and well tolerated alternative to Active Surveillance in a selected group of patients.

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Cancer and Clinical Oncology