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Salary for interns approved

03 Oct 2013

Barry O’Brien, HSE

By Lloyd Mudiwa.

Initial annual salaries of €21,741 for health support staff to be engaged by the HSE in a new interns scheme under the Haddington Road Agreement, have been approved by the Minister for Health, IMT reports.

The Public Service Stability Agreement 2013-2016 allows for an initiative to recruit up to 1,000 interns to help reduce expenditure on agency and locum healthcare staff — with directly employed nurses working longer hours, and graduate nurses and interns compensating for the shortfall.

Interns will comprise of healthcare assistants, multi-task attendants and other support grades to be employed on a two-year programme at 85 per cent of the first point of Band 3 salary in year one, progressing to 90 per cent of the same band in year two.

Barry O’Brien, HSE National Director of Human Resources, said Dr James Reilly has issued approval for the application of the salary scales under the Intern Scheme for Health Support Staff.

Interns engaged as healthcare assistant, multi-task attendant, care assistant (disability), household attendant/cleaner domestic, and porter will earn a salary of €21,741 in the first year. It will rise to €23,020 in the second and final year.

3 October 2013

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