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Resourcing talks for NoWDOC co-op

29 Sep 2015

The Caredoc GP Clinical Lead has recommended that the current GP deployment arrangements remain in place in West and North Donegal for the red-eye periods, as per the existing service arrangements.

This follows a review and analysis of the data gathered during the 11-week review period and the two-week test period. The parties will now agree the required arrangements to continue the resourcing and delivery of these service arrangements. The new recommendations are supported by Caredoc, the GPs and the HSE.

There will be no change to the current service arrangements. Out-of-hours GP services will continue to be provided in Letterkenny, Derrybeg, Carndonagh, Mountcharles and Carrick-on-Shannon on weekdays from 6pm until 8am on the following morning.

In relation to weekend and bank holiday cover, the NoWDOC centres at Derrybeg, Mountcharles and Carrick-on-Shannon will continue to provide 24-hour cover on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays, while centres in Letterkenny and Carndonagh will continue to provide services from 12 noon on Saturdays and 24-hour cover on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

As part of the ongoing discussions between the HSE, GPs and Caredoc regarding the GP deployment model in the NoWDOC service, it was agreed that the review period would be extended to the end of August 2015, to allow for an in-depth data collection and analysis exercise to be completed, with specific emphasis on the ‘red-eye’ hours from 12 midnight to 8am, in the centres in Letterkenny, Derrybeg and Carndonagh.

This extended review also facilitated a live test period, over two weeks between August 4 and August 18. The call activity data collection process and the live test period have now been completed.

Gary Culliton

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