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Recent advances in the management of childhood dental caries

20 Feb 2018

Who does childhood dental caries affect?

Dental caries continues to be a serious problem. Affecting 2.4 billion people, it is the most prevalent disease worldwide.1 Although a highly prevalent condition, the impact of childhood dental caries is often underappreciated as the disease is rarely life-threatening or overtly limiting on daily activities. However, it carries significant consequences for children in terms of day-to-day living and it is expensive to treat.

Dental caries has a linear relationship with poverty, affecting those in lower socioeconomic groups most. This variation in disease levels is stark and can be clearly seen in the UK, with 56% of 5-year-old children in the deprived regions of Blackburn and Darwen having visible decay, but only 4% in the more affluent South Gloucester similarly affected. In England as a whole, a quarter of 5-year-olds have visible dental caries, with an average of three to four decayed teeth each. Tooth extraction...

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