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Preoperative Expectations and Postoperative Outcomes of Visual Functioning among Cataract Patients in Urban Southern China

09 Jan 2017

by Ziyan Chen, Xianchai Lin, Bo Qu, Wuyou Gao, Yajing Zuo, Wenyan Peng, Ling Jin, Minbin Yu, Ecosse Lamoureux


To investigate the relationship between preoperative expectations and actual postoperative outcomes of visual function (VF) among patients undergoing first eye cataract surgery.


A longitudinal study of 182 patients from hospitals in urban Southern China were surveyed prior to surgery and 3 month after cataract surgery regarding their preoperative, expected postoperative and actual postoperative VF for each of the items on the Catquest-9SF and their satisfaction with cataract surgery. In addition, detailed clinical data were collected preoperatively and postoperatively.


The majority of cataract patients in urban Southern China had high expectations for VF outcomes after cataract surgery and in most cases postoperative outcomes achieved the expected level of improvement. The mean (standard deviation, SD) preoperative Catquest-9SF score was 15.7 (5.86) and the mean (SD) expected postoperative score was 26.3 (2.93). The discrepancy between actual and expected improvement was significantly correlated with patients’ health literacy, presence of systemic and ocular comorbidity, preoperative visual acuity of the surgery eye, LOCS III nuclear opalescence and cortical cataract grading.


Cataract patients in urban Southern China had high expectations for surgery outcomes. Patients with low level of health literacy and the presence of systemic and ocular comorbidity may need a comprehensive counseling to decrease the discrepancy regarding expected and actual outcomes.

Click here to view the full article which appeared in PLOS ONE