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Parenting and Video Games

14 Jul 2015


There is a terrific disconnect between parenting advice related to media and the realities of contemporary parenting. We condone enrichment parenting and condemn the use of “digital babysitters,” admonishing parents who exceed the two-hour screen time limitation even when, all the while, no one is listening. Parents are not merely blasé about their children's development and well-being. Rather, for many parents, games and other media are a best-fit solution to the problem of resource constraints. Time is the resource; the demands on real-life parents and families are the constraint. Thus, we digital media literacy scholars would do well to shift our focus from children in relative isolation to families as a system. Only then will be we begin to see the historical, economic, and material (still highly gendered) contexts that shape child rearing and media use.

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Journal of Adolescent and Adult literacy