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Organizational uptake of NICE guidance in promoting employees’ psychological health

07 Nov 2018

AbstractBackgroundAnnual costs to organizations of poor mental health are estimated to be between £33 billion and £42 billion. The UK’s National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has produced evidence-based guidance on improving employees’ psychological health, designed to encourage organizations to take preventative steps in tackling this high toll. However, the extent of implementation is not known outside the National Health Service.AimsTo assess the awareness and implementation of NICE guidance on workplace psychological health.MethodsA total of 163 organizations participated in a survey of UK-based private, public and third sector organizations employing an accumulated minimum of 322 033 workers.ResultsSeventy-seven per cent of organizations were aware of the NICE guidance for improving mental well-being in the workplace, but only 37% were familiar with its recommendations. Less than half were aware of systems in place for monitoring employees’ mental well-being and only 12% confirmed that this NICE guidance had been implemented in their workplace. Where employee health and well-being featured as a regular board agenda item, awareness and implementation of NICE guidance were more likely. Significant associations were found between organizational sector and size and uptake of many specific features of NICE guidance.ConclusionsThe majority of organizations are aware of NICE guidance in general, but there is a wide gap between this and possession of detailed knowledge and implementation. The role of sector and size of organization is relevant to uptake of some features of NICE guidance, although organizational leadership is important where raised awareness and implementation are concerned.

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