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Noise from total hip replacements: a case-controlled study [Research: Arthroplasty]

11 Jun 2014


Our study aimed to examine not only the incidence but also the impact of noise from two types of total hip replacement articulations: ceramic-on-ceramic and ceramic-on-polyethylene.


We performed a case-controlled study comparing subjective and objective questionnaire scores of patients receiving a ceramic-on-ceramic or a ceramic-on-polyethylene total hip replacement by a single surgeon.


There was a threefold higher incidence of noise from patients in the ceramic-on-ceramic group compared with the control group. The impact of this noise was significant for patients both subjectively and objectively.


This study reports a high patient impact of noise from ceramic-on-ceramic total hip replacements. This has led to a change in practice by the principal author.

Cite this article: Bone Joint Res 2014;3:183–6.

11 June 2014

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