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More hospitals receiving fines for waiting list delays

03 Dec 2015

Pic: Getty Images

Hospital waiting list fines increased in September, with the HSE imposing financial penalties of €1.687 million on those hospitals that breached the 18-month maximum wait time at the end of August. This is the annual equivalent of €5.8 million, which equates to a monthly amount of €1.158 million.

During September, some 2,244 patients were waiting for more than 18 months for an inpatient and day-case procedure and 5,442 were waiting greater than 15 months. The maximum wait time for inpatient and day-case procedures and for outpatient appointments was set at 18 months up to the end June and 15 months by the end of the year.

In relation to outpatients, 13,176 patients were waiting more than 18 months for an appointment and 34,263 were waiting longer than 15 months.

The funding being provided for out-sourcing and in-sourcing is being immediately targeted at ‘over 18 month waiters’ to ensure ongoing compliance with the 18-month maximum wait time.

The number of elective admissions was 76,637 and the number of outpatient attendances was 2,477,950 in the year to September.

There has been a 1.7 per cent (1,305) increase in the number of elective admissions and a 3 per cent (71,448) increase in the number of outpatient attendances against expected activity year to date.

Emergency presentations are up by 6,593 on 2014. The emergency department (ED) admission rate year to date is 25.4 per cent.

Gary Culliton

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