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Measuring functional quality in the pediatric intensive care

16 Oct 2013

Defining, measuring and delivering quality is an important challenge facing Health Care. Health Care as a Service Industry may be described with two forms of quality: technical quality, and functional quality. (1) Our previously published technical study demonstrated a reproducible and scalable measure of the technical quality, without additional capital cost. (2) A technical study, and the application of any service or measurement of quality, may be sub optimal
if pursued in isolation from the patient/family (customer) perception.
This study measured the functional quality of a complex Health Care service from the patient/family perception, which is perhaps superior and more relevant. We have quantified and documented an excellent competitive franchise and competitive advantages for our services, in our market, as well as areas for improvement, without additional capital expense.

16 October 2013

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Journal of Hospital Administration