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Linking social capital: a forgotten component of social capital

12 Apr 2016

I read with interest the study from Dr Takashi Oshio, where he attempted to address how the association between individual-level social capital and health is confounded by an individual's unobserved time-invariant attributes.1 By reading the methods described by the author, one can find that he operationalised social capital only as two components: bonding and bridging social capital, but he did not mention the third component of social capital: linking social capital. Not measuring this component could confuse results.

First of all, what is social capital? It comprehends the expected benefits derived from the cooperation between individuals and groups. Thus, when defining social capital, a proxy may come to mind: social network, which is the network of individuals, groups, organisations, institutions and social resources, to which individuals and groups are connected to or isolated from.2 3

Social capital is not a product derived from...

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health