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Knowledge mobilization in bridging patient–practitioner–researcher boundaries: A systematic integrative review protocol

15 Aug 2017


To review published literature to identify when and how patients and healthcare practitioners have been involved in knowledge mobilization activity and the impact this may have had on their care.


Improving patient outcomes, satisfaction and quality of care is increasingly reliant on shared decision-making between health professionals and patients. Knowledge mobilization, at its simplest: “moving knowledge to where it can be most useful” is a growing field of academic study. To date, it appears that much effort has focused on moving knowledge from researchers to healthcare practitioners. Knowledge mobilization to patients is currently under-researched.


Integrative review.

Review Methods

Methods of integrative review will be used to address the review problem. PRISMA guidelines were used as a general framework to guide structuring and reporting the review. Elements of method-specific reporting guidelines for specific streams of evidence will be used as required.


This review will aim to provide a broad and deep understanding of patient–practitioner–researcher engagement in knowledge mobilization activity. This synthesis of the extant literature should offer insights into the optimum characteristics of methods for bridging patient–practitioner–researcher boundaries in knowledge mobilization action.

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Journal of Advanced Nursing