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Investment in midwifery can save millions of lives of women and newborns

03 Jun 2014

A report released today by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund together with the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), WHO and partners reveals that major deficits in the midwifery workforce occur in 73 countries where these services are most desperately needed. The report recommends new strategies to address these deficits and save millions of lives of women and newborns.

The 73 African, Asian and Latin American countries represented in the "State of the World’s Midwifery

2014: A Universal Pathway – A Woman’s Right to Health" suffer 96% of the global burden of

maternal deaths, 91% of stillbirths and 93% of newborn deaths, but have only 42%

of the world’s midwives, nurses and doctors. The report urges countries to invest in midwifery education

and training to contribute to closing the glaring gaps that exist. Investments in midwifery education and

training at agreed international standards can yield – as a study from Bangladesh shows – a 1600% return on investment.

3 June 2014

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Weekly Epidemiological Record