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The impact of health impact assessment on the policy-making process in Ireland: Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

28 May 2015

The Institute of Public Health in Ireland is at the forefront of building HIA capacity and supporting its implementation across the island. Increasingly HIA is seen as a tool to influence policy and two HIA case studies, one each from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, are examined to determine their impact on the policy making process in the respective jurisdictions. In Northern Ireland, the Public Health Agency were charged with undertaking a HIA of the Cardiovascular Service Framework; and in the Republic of Ireland three HIAs were undertaken on a major regeneration project. The intent of both of these was to investigate the likely effects on health equity and inequalities. Analysis of these case studies demonstrates the importance of timing and the context within the HIAs are occurring, while also providing practical examples of how focussed recommendations may be integrated more readily into wider policy development.

28 May 2015
Oxford Medicine online
Original author: 
Higgins, C., metcalfe, O., Cotter, N.

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