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HSE paid trainees on incorrect salary scale

05 Sep 2014

Barry O’Brien, HSE HR Director

The HSE has issued an instruction to relevant managers to correct the pay scales issued in November 2013 to trainee clinical psychologists, with the new salaries now based on a three-point as opposed to the initially stated five-point scale, IMT has learned.

At the time of going to press, efforts to get details of the overpayment/underpayment were not possible, and whether the possible surplus would be clawed back or deficit reimbursed.

National Director of Human Resources Barry O’Brien has ordered relevant HSE managers and service providers funded by the Executive under Section 28 of the Health Act 2004 to take the appropriate measures to implement the revised pay scale and ensure trainee clinical psychologists are placed on the correct point of the scale.

The move followed an instruction received from Lara Hynes, Principal Officer in the National HR Unit of the Department of Health, which indicated that the November 2013 pay scales “provided for a five-point scale for the grade of Trainee Clinical Psychologists in error”. She provided details of the revised three point scale, in which the starting point is the first point from the 2011 pay scale and the final point is the third point of the 2010 pay scale.

Under the correct scale, a trainee earns €32,185 on the first point, €34,730 on the second point and €39,525 on the third point. This meant that those trainees appointed prior to January 1, 2011 and currently on the 2010 scale should remain on their current salary on an off point if necessary, Hynes explained.

5 September 2014

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