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How will I be when I will grow up? The importance of psychological intervention in pediatric patients to prevent symptoms from becoming chronical

18 Dec 2013

Psychological discomforts in pediatric patients, if not identified, and considered as personality traits can lead to abnormalities in the development. Identifying psychological problems and treating them with psychological intervention could avoid the raise of psychological disease in adulthood. The aim of this study is to evaluate the perception of self-image and interpersonal relationships of children affected by juvenile idiopathic arthritis (chronic pathology); to compare those data with those published in a previous research about enuretic children (functional pathology) and children affected by cleft palate (organic pathology). Forty children were tested using two Graphic Projective Tests: Machover test (Human Figure Drawing Test) and Corman test (Family Drawing Test) in order to assess specific disorders of their personality through the self-image perception and the emotional relationships with other members of family. Children affected by juvenile idiopathic arthritis show problems about the contact with the external world, underestimation of himself and inadequate perception of himself, exactly like children affected by enuresis and cleft lip and palate. Situation of discomfort, if not taken in consideration and seen as personality traits could easily become an emotional and behavioral chronic psychological disease.

18 December 2013

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