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F1000 Specialist of the Month

24 May 2016

Dr. Sylvia Samaniego

Dr. Sylvia Samaniego is a Senior Scientist at LakePharma. As F1000 Specialist she has helped organize meet-ups and assisted F1000 at conferences, among many other things. Here we asked Sylvia about her experience.

F1000 Specialists are PhD students, postdocs, clinicians and researchers who help their colleagues use F1000Prime, F1000Workspace and F1000Research, and spread the word about F1000 within their institutes. If you’d like to become an F1000 Specialist yourself and tell your own colleagues about F1000, you can sign up here.

What are some things you have done as F1000 Specialist?

My experience as an F1000 Specialist has been interesting and a lot of fun. I helped organize the first Specialist meet up in NYC, I helped set up the F1000 booth at the SFN conference in Washington, D.C. and got to meet a lot of great scientists at the Washington, D.C. Specialist meet up. At the community level, I also participated in a couple of Tweetchats to discuss topics that are important not just to scientists but patient advocates and people who are interested in scientific and open access publishing.

Behind the scenes I’ve been involved in brainstorming and research sessions with the outreach staff at F1000. The topics ranged from preparing discussions on Altmetrics with Librarians, preparing a poll to find out how academics utilize their library resources, to coming up with interview questions for Nobel Laureates. I was also lucky enough to be involved in the beta testing and long discussions about F1000Workspace when it was in its infancy.


Do you have any tips or advice for other F1000 Specialists?

The opportunity to be an F1000 Specialist is really unique and can open your eyes to the world that exists outside the lab. My best advice is to enjoy the experience and realize that it’s a mutually beneficial experience. Whether giving presentations (speaking skills), contributing to a blog (writing skills), interacting with others on projects or meet ups (networking skills), you’ll find something that you can look back on as a creative and worthwhile experience.


Finally, can you tell us a little bit about your work?

Sure! I recently left NYC for Worcester, MA, where I work for the contract research organization (CRO), LakePharma (formerly Blue Sky BioServices, Inc.). I am a senior research scientist in assay development. It’s really exciting as we take on new and different clients all the time. I’m involved in a multitude of cutting edge research with big pharma and small research groups alike. I constantly need to peruse the literature to get up to speed on topics outside my direct area of research expertise.

Kinga Hosszu is Outreach Director at F1000.

Click here to view the full article which appeared in F1000 Research