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Evaluation of Together We Inspire Smart Eating: pre-school fruit and vegetable consumption

19 Dec 2018

AbstractThis study examined nutrition intervention curriculum, Together We Inspire Smart Eating (WISE). WISE is a research-based, nutrition promotion curriculum specifically designed for pre-school children from families with limited resources. The design was non-randomized treatment/control with standardized pre-/post-test assessments. Children (n = 268) in six Head Start centers received weekly food experiences from educators trained in WISE. Children (n = 258) in nine Head Start centers received weekly food experiences structured at the discretion of the educators untrained in WISE. Parents in both conditions (n = 268 WISE classroom, n = 258 comparison) were interviewed by educators twice over the school year using a data collection tool, The Family Map Inventory. Analyses using full information maximum likelihood controlling for pre-intervention consumption and key demographic characteristics was used to predict consumption at post-intervention assessment. Results indicated children in WISE centers consumed healthier food at home than children in non-WISE classrooms. The study suggested that WISE curriculum is an effective method to improve children's diets in at-risk environments.

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Health Education Research