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Evaluation of NHS Health Checks provided by community pharmacies

02 Feb 2017


Community pharmacy is a potentially useful, easily accessed provider of NHS Health Checks. Little published work has reported outcomes or sought views of pharmacy Health Check attenders. This evaluation assessed findings of pharmacy Health Checks plus subsequent attendance after referral to general practices and obtained client views.


Mixed methods including: data abstraction from Health Check and practice records, questionnaire to all attenders and interviews with sample of questionnaire respondents.


Data from 190 pharmacy Health Checks, performed in four pharmacies, showed that the majority of attenders (58%) were female, 53% white, with 80% aged under 55. Seventy five per cent had at least one modifiable cardiovascular risk factor, 8% had a cardiovascular disease risk score of ≥20%, 30% were referred to their practice for further tests/consultation, but only half of these attended. Lifestyle advice was offered to 74% and referral for support with changing lifestyle accepted by 20%. Survey respondents (66) were unrepresentative and fewer had modifiable risk factors. Many indicated that making lifestyle changes and their views on pharmacy Health Checks were positive, particularly reflecting accessibility.


Pharmacy NHS Health Checks reach people with modifiable risk factors, identify those requiring further investigation and refer appropriately. Greater emphasis and encouragement are required to act on referrals if Health Checks are to maximize benefits.

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Journal of Public Health