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Current trolley crisis ‘will worsen’ – IMO

06 Jan 2017

The current hospitals crisis will “recur and will be worse in 2017”, the IMO President has predicted.

Dr John Duddy said that the current crisis merely brought to national attention an “underlying chaos” in our health services. “We are failing to provide adequate services to our patients and we are haemorrhaging doctors.”

The Government has been urged by the IMO to engage immediately on retaining Irish-trained doctors in the system, as “the current toxic situation is only driving more doctors away”.

Under current circumstances there was no hope of keeping doctors working in Ireland, said the union, which also called for a commitment to funding for a new GP contract that would enable a shift to GP care in the community.  Investment now was guaranteed to improve patient outcomes and make savings in the future, the IMO said.

The union went on to call for a clear statement from the Government that significant additional investment would be made in the public health services, and strongly criticised the response of the HSE to the trolley crisis – a response tht was “too little, too late” in Dr Duddy’s eyes.

He described the proposed increase in bed numbers of 63 as an “insult” given the hundreds of patients currently on trolleys.

Three key areas needed to be tackled, in the IMO’s view, beginning with having 1,600 beds “lost in recent years” put back into the system. “There is no need for another review of bed capacity when it is obvious to all that we simply do not have enough bed to meet rising demand,” said the IMO.

Dr Duddy also criticised the proposed use of private hospital beds to resolve the issue, as even short-term investment in private hospitals diverted vital resources from public hospitals, he said.

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