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[Correspondence] WHO and the health crisis among the Rohingya people of Myanmar

25 Feb 2017

Syed Mahmood and colleagues1 (Dec 1) barely mention WHO in their analysis of how the Myanmar Government's persecution of the Rohingya people has created a health crisis. WHO categorises the situation in Rakhine State as a protracted humanitarian emergency in its 2016 Humanitarian Response Plans.2 The 2013 Emergency Response Framework states that WHO should have a leading role in responding to the health aspects of such crises and pay “special attention to vulnerable and marginalised groups”.3 However, in practice WHO is doing little to resolve the health crisis and does not specifically refer to the Rohingya—a term not recognised by the Myanmar Government—in its latest Humanitarian Response Plans or Country Cooperation Strategy.

Click here to view the full article which appeared in The Lancet