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Community paediatrics in Israel: the 'Goshen model for change

09 Mar 2017


Child health services in Israel have focused historically on three areas. Preventive services have been delivered in maternal child centres; these originally belonged exclusively to the Ministry of Health, and subsequently expanded into services provided by local municipalities, and new centres were established by the health funds, following the National Health Insurance Law in 1995. The paediatric departments of hospitals were responsible for managing serious paediatric pathology, with increasing numbers of subspecialties developing over the years. The hospitals have also held the exclusive right for accrediting paediatric training. The management of paediatric problems in the community is done by paediatricians who had not completed subspecialty training and by family practitioners.

Three service models exist in community paediatrics in Israel. The first model is a long-standing one, involving salaried paediatricians working in primary care clinics together with general practitioners or specialist family physicians or internists. In the second model, groups of...

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