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[Comment] Health in Europe—a view from across the Atlantic

13 Apr 2013

From a North American perspective, it is irresistible to extend cross-national comparisons from The Lancet Series on Health in Europe to include the USA, particularly in light of a 2013 US National Research Council and Institute of Medicine (NRC/IOM) report showing that, for most health indicators and all ages to 75 years, the USA ranks worst or among the worst of 17 similarly affluent countries (including 15 in western Europe). The US health disadvantage was noted across diverse indicators including life expectancy (); prematurity and low birthweight; infant, child, and maternal mortality; incidence of and mortality from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, infectious disease, and unintentional and intentional injury; and disability.

13 April 2013

Click here to view the full article which appeared in The Lancet