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[Comment] Alemtuzumab induction therapy in kidney transplantation

08 Nov 2014

In The Lancet, Peter Friend and the 3C Study Collaborative Group report the results of the first part of the 3C Study—an open-label, randomised, multicentre study of alemtuzumab compared with basiliximab induction treatment, followed by sirolimus versus tacrolimus maintenance treatment, for the preservation of renal function in patients receiving kidney transplants. At 6 months, alemtuzumab induction with low-dose tacrolimus and mycophenolate (n=426), without corticosteroids, produced a 58% reduction in biopsy-proven acute rejection compared with induction therapy with basiliximab (a chimaeric anti-CD25 monoclonal antibody) given with standard doses of tacrolimus and mycophenolate with corticosteroids (n=426): 31 patients (7%) allocated to alemtuzumab versus 68 patients (16%) allocated to basiliximab reached the study's primary endpoint (HR 0·42, 95% CI 0·28–0·64).

Click here to view the full article which appeared in The Lancet