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Chronic Wounds: The Persistent Infection Problem

12 Aug 2013

Chronic wounds heal poorly and can have a huge impact on a sufferer’s life. They are caused by a number of factors, one of which is the presence of persistent infections. Many standard treatments are unsuccessful at destroying these infections as the bacteria form a biofilm. Biofilms encase the bacteria, preventing immune cells from destroying them. There are multiple bacterial species within a biofilm, sometimes with antibiotics resistance, and which species are present changes over time. The changing, multi-species nature of biofilms can make finding an effective antibiotic treatment difficult. Also, bacteria in biofilms genetically differ from planktonic bacteria, and are often less susceptible to antibiotics. Additionally, biofilms are thought to reduce the access of antibiotics to the bacteria within. These reasons are discussed in further detail in this review, along with some of the reasons why bacteria can prevent wound closure.

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