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Chronic conditions in children and young people: learning from administrative data

31 May 2016


Over the last century, the primary burden of disease in children and young people has shifted from infectious diseases towards chronic conditions.1 Improvements in neonatal and paediatric care for chronic conditions mean more children with previously lethal conditions are now surviving into adulthood.2 3 Depending on the definition used, 13–27% of children are affected by chronic conditions.4 Chronic conditions affect many aspects of the lives of children with consequences that endure into adulthood.5

Quality of healthcare for children with chronic conditions is a research and policy priority, but comes at a cost. In the USA, it is estimated that children with serious, complex chronic conditions account for 10% of admissions, but 41% of hospital charges.6 As life expectancy increases, these costs extend into adulthood. Better quality of healthcare during childhood can improve educational achievement and employment prospects and...

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