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Case report: transient small bowel intussusception presenting as right lower quadrant pain in a 6-year-old male

22 May 2014

In children presenting to the emergency room with right lower quadrant pain, ultrasound is the preferred initial modality. In our patient, a 6-year-old male with a sudden onset of severe right lower quadrant pain, the differential is broad, including appendicitis and intussusception. In order to narrow our differential and secure the diagnosis, our first modality was ultrasonography. With the increased use of point-of-care ultrasound in the emergency department, the diagnosis of appendicitis and ileo-colic intussusception has been made more frequently. In addition, other entities such as transient small bowel intussusception may be identified. As in our case, obstruction secondary to intussusception must be ruled out with observation, serial abdominal exams, clinical improvement, or further imaging.

22 May 2014

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Critical Ultrasound Journal