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Bringing together occupational and environmental medicine specialistsDevelopment of the International Occupational Medicine Society Collaborative (IOMSC)

02 Dec 2017

Occupational and environmental medicine (OEM) is a unique preventive medicine specialty that positively impacts the health and productivity of workforces and therefore, the health of national economies. OEM specialists work to ensure that the highest standards of health and safety can be achieved and maintained in the workplace. OEM involves a variety of disciplines—however, its primary focus is preventive medicine and the management of illness and injuries related to the workplace [1,2]. The traditional role of OEM physicians has been identifying hazards, assessing exposures, protecting the workforce and educating workers regarding workplace hazards through integrated health and safety policies, procedures and programmes. Today, the role of the OEM physician has expanded to include a broader emphasis on productivity and wellness in the workplace [3]. The sphere of influence of OEM impacts millions of workers worldwide, with one OEM physician capable of impacting tens of thousands of employees and their families annually. As organizations become more global in nature, many OEM physicians impact not only workers, but also the communities in which these workers operate—by participating in research and advice on international health issues, such as communicable diseases and chronic diseases.

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