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Acute and sub-acute toxicity study of Trema orientalis (L.) Bl. methanol extract in rats

15 Feb 2019

The medicinal plants find wide applications in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural and food industry. Trema orientalis has emerged as a good source of phytomedicine. T. orientalis has beneficial therapeutic properties, and indicates that it has potential as an effective herbal remedy for several diseases.  The present study was undertaken to evaluate the acute and sub-acute toxicity of methanol powder extract of aerial part of Trema orientalis. There were no major changes in the body weight of animal treated with plant extract. The biochemical parameters like ALP, SGPT, SGOT, total protein, globulin, albumin and bilirubin were within the normal limit in the plant extract treated groups of animals. The present study shows that the methanolic extract of Trema orientalis is safe in lower dose for pharmaceutical analysis.

Keywords: Acute toxicity, biochemical parameters, Sub-acute toxicity, Trema orientalis

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics