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Title Added Edit View
How they measure up 07 Dec 2011 edit view
Dropout prevention and intervention programs: effects on school completion and dropout among school-aged children and youth 16 Nov 2011 edit view
Fit Futures- Healthy Schools Day 14 Nov 2011 edit view
The effects of school-based social information processing interventions on aggressive behavior: Part II: Selected/indicated pull-out programs 01 Nov 2011 edit view
The Effects of Teachers’ Classroom Management Practices on Disruptive, or Aggressive Student Behavior 25 Oct 2011 edit view
School-Based Programs to Reduce Bullying and Victimization 11 Oct 2011 edit view
School-based secondary prevention programmes for preventing violence 27 Sep 2011 edit view
Grow Ur Own Project 08 Aug 2011 edit view
Playground Marking Initiatives 31 May 2011 edit view
TEENSCENE 31 May 2011 edit view
School Circular Extended Schools- Building on Good Practice 30 May 2011 edit view
Be Active After School Activity Programme 17 Feb 2011 edit view
Schools, Activity, Confidence & Eating (ACE) Programme 17 Feb 2011 edit view
Food In Schools Policy  (draft for consultation)   11 Feb 2011 edit view
Extended Schools: Schools, Families, Communities – Working together 11 Feb 2011 edit view
Evaluation of the Progress Made in the Implementation of the Food-Based Nutritional Standards and General Approaches to Promoting Healthy Eating in Schools in Northern Ireland 11 Feb 2011 edit view
Get N Gear 4 Health 11 Feb 2011 edit view
Health Related Behaviour Questionnaire 26 Sep 2010 edit view
Health and social inequalities in English adolescents: Exploring the importance of school, family and neighbourhood 26 Sep 2010 edit view
HIA on the Regeneration of Limerick City: Health Impacts of Early School leaving, Absenteeism and Truancy 19 Aug 2010 edit view
A Kilkenny Post-primary School Survey: A Survey of Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviour Relevant to Noncommunicable Disease 02 Jun 2010 edit view
Social and Emotional Wellbeing in Secondary Education (PH 20) 07 May 2010 edit view
GCSE (or equivalent) performance of looked-after children in year 11 compared with all children, twelve months ending 30 September 2002 29 Mar 2010 edit view
People with qualifications, aged 16-74, East Midlands local authorities 29 Mar 2010 edit view
Indices of deprivation 2004 29 Mar 2010 edit view