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Title Added Edit View
World Health Organization: Europe 01 Dec 2011 edit view
Healthy Lives, Healthy People: A call to action on obesity in England 14 Oct 2011 edit view
An Introduction to Evidence-Informed Public Health and a Compendium of Critical Appraisal Tools for Public Health Practice, NCCMT (2008) 27 Jul 2011 edit view
IPH Annual Review (2010) 21 Feb 2011 edit view
Nutrition, physical activity and prevention of obesity: Recent policy developments in the WHO European Region 11 Feb 2011 edit view
Recommended Community Strategies and Measurements to prevent obesity in the USA (The Measures Project) 11 Feb 2011 edit view
Healthy Towns Inititatve 11 Feb 2011 edit view
Developing a population approach to gambling health issues 13 Jan 2011 edit view
Statistical Potential of Administrative Records: An Examination of Data Holdings in Six Government Departments 16 Nov 2010 edit view
Framework for Ireland and Northern Ireland’s Population Health Observatory (INIsPHO) 30 Sep 2010 edit view
International Obesity Taskforce 27 Sep 2010 edit view
Women and Men in Ireland 2010 10 Sep 2010 edit view
Enforcement Policy and Procedure - Regulated Sector 02 Sep 2010 edit view
Health Impact Assessment contributing to Healthy Public Policy 19 Aug 2010 edit view
Improving the use of evidence in health impact assessment 19 Aug 2010 edit view
Pilot Health Impact Assessment of the European Employment Strategy in Ireland (2004) 19 Aug 2010 edit view
Screening for health impacts in Local Area Planning in Donegal County Council (2004) 19 Aug 2010 edit view
West Tyrone Area Plan 2019 Health Impact Assessment (2008) 19 Aug 2010 edit view
Service Framework for Mental Health: Project Initiation Document 07 May 2010 edit view
School-based Interventions to Prevent Smoking (PH 23) 07 May 2010 edit view
WISDOM 23 Mar 2010 edit view
Growing up in Ireland 23 Mar 2010 edit view
Making a Difference: A Guide to Evaluating Public Participation in Central Government 12 Mar 2010 edit view
Obesity in the UK: A review and comparative analysis of policies within the devolved administrations 12 Mar 2010 edit view
Arkansas Act 1220 of 2003 to Reduce Childhood Obesity: Its Implementation and Impact on Child and Adolescent Body Mass Index 12 Mar 2010 edit view