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Title Added Edit View
Warmer Homes: A Strategy for Affordable Energy in Ireland 28 Nov 2011 edit view
Excess Winter Deaths (EWD) in England Atlas 24 Nov 2011 edit view
WHO: Housing and Health 20 Oct 2011 edit view
Environmental burden of disease associated with inadequate housing: Summary Report 20 Oct 2011 edit view
Health Issues in Planning: Best Practice Guidance 10 Aug 2011 edit view
Health, Housing and Local Area: The Inequalities 15 Jul 2011 edit view
Health in the Green Economy 17 Jun 2011 edit view
The Health impacts of Cold Homes and Fuel Poverty 19 May 2011 edit view
Consider this...Research Reflections for a New Mandate 19 May 2011 edit view
"You just have to get by" Coping with Low Incomes and Cold Homes 03 May 2011 edit view
Pilot Central Heating and Insulation Scheme for Older eople Evaluation 14 Apr 2011 edit view
Northern Ireland House Condition Survey 21 Mar 2011 edit view
Warmer Healthier Homes: A New Fuel Poverty Strategy for Northern Ireland 15 Mar 2011 edit view
Strategic Review of Health Inequalities in England post-2010 Task Group 4: The Built Environment and Health Inequalities 11 Feb 2011 edit view
Briefing Paper on Health Inequalities for Elected Members of Local Government (ROI) 13 Jan 2011 edit view
Toying With Their Future 30 Sep 2010 edit view
Tackling health inequalities. An All-Ireland approach to social determinants 27 Sep 2010 edit view
Annual Update on Fuel Poverty and Health (2008) 27 Sep 2010 edit view
South East England public health factsheets 26 Sep 2010 edit view
Index of Multiple Deprivation - IMD2004 - SOA 26 Sep 2010 edit view
ONS Social Trends 35 - 2005 26 Sep 2010 edit view
The state of the Countryside Annual Report 26 Sep 2010 edit view
Health Risks and Health Inequalities in Housing: an Assessment Tool 26 Sep 2010 edit view
Designing of street lighting in Wales 19 Aug 2010 edit view
West Tyrone Area Plan 2019 Health Impact Assessment (2008) 19 Aug 2010 edit view