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Title Added Edit View
Hearty Lives Carrickfergus 16 Nov 2011 edit view
Personal assistance for adults (19-64) with both physical and intellectual impairments 25 Oct 2011 edit view
Community-based intervention packages for reducing maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality and improving neonatal outcomes 10 Oct 2011 edit view
Interventions for tobacco cessation in the dental setting 30 Sep 2011 edit view
Community wide interventions for increasing physical activity 26 Sep 2011 edit view
Community animal health services for improving household wealth and health status of low income farmers 26 Sep 2011 edit view
Guidance for Developing a Statement of Purpose 22 Sep 2011 edit view
Air Quality and Social Deprivation in the UK: An Environmental Inequalities Analysis 11 Aug 2011 edit view
Healthy Eating workshops 08 Aug 2011 edit view
Better Together: A Guide for People in the Health Service on how you can help to Build more Cohesive Communities 02 Aug 2011 edit view
Long Term ill Health, Poverty and Ethnicity 02 Aug 2011 edit view
Poverty, Inequality and Human Rights: Do human Rights Make a Difference? 02 Aug 2011 edit view
An Overview of Cost-of-Illness Studies 16 May 2011 edit view
Understanding Society: Early findings from the first wave of the UK's Household Longitudinal Study 04 May 2011 edit view
The Warm Project: Energy Efficient Homes for the Community 03 May 2011 edit view
Ireland's National Programme for the European Year For Combating Poverty And Social Exclusion 07 Apr 2011 edit view
HSE Community Games 17 Feb 2011 edit view
Extended Schools: Schools, Families, Communities – Working together 11 Feb 2011 edit view
Growing in Confidence Community Food Project 2011 11 Feb 2011 edit view
Food Values 11 Feb 2011 edit view
Active Community Initiative: Northern Ireland Action Plan 03 Feb 2011 edit view
Croí MyAction 19 Jan 2011 edit view
Climate Change and Health: A platform for action 13 Jan 2011 edit view
National Best Practice Guidelines for Informing Families of their Child's Disability 28 Oct 2010 edit view
Portsmouth Health Improvement & Development Services 27 Sep 2010 edit view