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PLOS Medical

Title Added Edit View
The association between maternal body mass index and child obesity: A systematic review and meta-analysis 11 Jun 2019 edit view
Government policy interventions to reduce human antimicrobial use: A systematic review and evidence map 11 Jun 2019 edit view
Changes in rapid HIV treatment initiation after national “treat all” policy adoption in 6 sub-Saharan African countries: Regression discontinuity analysis 10 Jun 2019 edit view
Changes in resistance among coliform bacteraemia associated with a primary care antimicrobial stewardship intervention: A population-based interrupted time series study 07 Jun 2019 edit view
Iron deficiency, elevated erythropoietin, fibroblast growth factor 23, and mortality in the general population of the Netherlands: A cohort study 06 Jun 2019 edit view
Treatment of latent infection to achieve tuberculosis elimination in low-incidence countries 06 Jun 2019 edit view
Cancer therapy and risk of congenital malformations in children fathered by men treated for testicular germ-cell cancer: A nationwide register study 04 Jun 2019 edit view
Validation of IMPROD biparametric MRI in men with clinically suspected prostate cancer: A prospective multi-institutional trial 03 Jun 2019 edit view
Effects of a large-scale distribution of water filters and natural draft rocket-style cookstoves on diarrhea and acute respiratory infection: A cluster-randomized controlled trial in Western Province, Rwanda 03 Jun 2019 edit view
Correction: Whole-genome and targeted sequencing of drug-resistant <i>Mycobacterium tuberculosis</i> on the iSeq100 and MiSeq: A performance, ease-of-use, and cost evaluation 03 Jun 2019 edit view
Correction: Evaluation of a social protection policy on tuberculosis treatment outcomes: A prospective cohort study 31 May 2019 edit view
Retention and viral suppression in a cohort of HIV patients on antiretroviral therapy in Zambia: Regionally representative estimates using a multistage-sampling-based approach 31 May 2019 edit view
The missed potential of CD4 and viral load testing to improve clinical outcomes for people living with HIV in lower-resource settings 29 May 2019 edit view
Malaria morbidity and mortality following introduction of a universal policy of artemisinin-based treatment for malaria in Papua, Indonesia: A longitudinal surveillance study 29 May 2019 edit view
Diagnosing growth in low-grade gliomas with and without longitudinal volume measurements: A retrospective observational study 28 May 2019 edit view
Evaluation of RESPOND, a patient-centred program to prevent falls in older people presenting to the emergency department with a fall: A randomised controlled trial 24 May 2019 edit view
The impact of community- versus clinic-based adherence clubs on loss from care and viral suppression for antiretroviral therapy patients: Findings from a pragmatic randomized controlled trial in South Africa 21 May 2019 edit view
Heart failure and healthcare informatics 21 May 2019 edit view
Diagnostic tests, drug prescriptions, and follow-up patterns after incident heart failure: A cohort study of 93,000 UK patients 21 May 2019 edit view
Research to improve differentiated HIV service delivery interventions: Learning to learn as we do 21 May 2019 edit view
<i>Plasmodium vivax</i> morbidity after radical cure: A cohort study in Central Vietnam 17 May 2019 edit view
Women’s and girls’ experiences of menstruation in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review and qualitative metasynthesis 16 May 2019 edit view
Limiting global warming to 1.5 to 2.0°C—A unique and necessary role for health professionals 14 May 2019 edit view
Predicting seizures in pregnant women with epilepsy: Development and external validation of a prognostic model 13 May 2019 edit view
Individualized decision aid for diverse women with lupus nephritis (IDEA-WON): A randomized controlled trial 08 May 2019 edit view