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Journal of Public Health

Title Added Edit View
Childhood locus of control and self-esteem, education, psychological distress and physical exercise as predictors of adult obesity 19 Sep 2019 edit view
Back pain, mental health and substance use are associated in adolescents 10 Sep 2019 edit view
Corrigendum: A content analysis of tobacco and alcohol audio-visual content in a sample of UK reality TV programmes 23 Jul 2019 edit view
Editing the Journal of Public Health: Passing the baton 17 Jul 2019 edit view
HCV treatment barriers among HIV/HCV co-infected patients in the US: a qualitative study to understand low uptake among marginalized populations in the DAA era 02 May 2019 edit view
Pathways to mental health improvement in a community-led area-based empowerment initiative: evidence from the Big Local ‘Communities in Control’ study, England 29 Apr 2019 edit view
The Italian National Rare Diseases Registry: a model of comparison and integration with Hospital Discharge Data 11 Apr 2019 edit view
Substandard and falsified medical products are a global public health threat. A pilot survey of awareness among physicians in Sweden 11 Apr 2019 edit view
Belgium’s anti-smoking combined warnings: language primacy, language order and historical artefacts 11 Apr 2019 edit view
Residential eviction predicts initiation of or relapse into crystal methamphetamine use among people who inject drugs: a prospective cohort study 11 Apr 2019 edit view
Public health: the global and the local 11 Apr 2019 edit view
Country of birth and county of residence and association with overweight and obesity—a population-based study of 219 555 pregnancies in Norway 21 Mar 2019 edit view
Can mHealth improve timeliness and quality of health data collected and used by health extension workers in rural Southern Ethiopia? 14 Dec 2018 edit view
Networking in eHealth research: results of the IDRC SEARCH program evaluation 14 Dec 2018 edit view
‘The phone is my boss and my helper’ – A gender analysis of an mHealth intervention with Health Extension Workers in Southern Ethiopia 14 Dec 2018 edit view
Promoting access equity and improving health care for women, children and people living with HIV/AIDS in Burkina Faso through mHealth 14 Dec 2018 edit view
Trajectories of change in childhood obesity prevalence across local authorities 2007/08–2015/16: a latent trajectory analysis 22 Nov 2018 edit view
The top six risky behaviors among Iranian university students: a national survey 17 Nov 2018 edit view
Reaching rural veterans: a new mechanism to connect rural, low-income US Veterans with resources and improve food security 17 Nov 2018 edit view
Association between physical activity and alcohol consumption: sociodemographic and behavioral patterns in Brazilian adults 16 Nov 2018 edit view
Improvement of social support in empty-nest elderly: results from an intervention study based on the Self-Mutual-Group model 14 Nov 2018 edit view
Using a mobile application to detect health needs among children and adolescents who are newly arrived migrants in Europe 13 Nov 2018 edit view
Stunting, dietary diversity and household food insecurity among children under 5 years in ethnic communities of northern Thailand 13 Nov 2018 edit view
The relationship between disability and suicide: prospective evidence from the Ten to Men cohort 05 Nov 2018 edit view
The virtuous epidemiologist 05 Nov 2018 edit view