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Journal of Nursing Education and Practice

Title Added Edit View
Effect of leg wrapping technique on prevention of spinal induced hypotension and fetal acidosis during cesarean section: Randomized controlled trial 12 Nov 2019 edit view
A survey of clinical nurses’ research needs for research support from university faculty 11 Nov 2019 edit view
Palliative chemotherapy decision-making: A holistic perspective 10 Nov 2019 edit view
Stress and coping strategies among nurse managers 06 Nov 2019 edit view
An interdisciplinary postdoctoral fellowship model: Opportunities for nurse PhDs 05 Nov 2019 edit view
Nurses’ attitudes and behaviors during bachelor of nursing students’ clinical learning experiences 04 Nov 2019 edit view
Evaluation of possums sleep intervention: A pilot feasibility study 30 Oct 2019 edit view
Health status, resilience and quality of life of first and fourth year nursing students 22 Oct 2019 edit view
The prevalence and impact of oral complication in women during chemotherapy after surgery for breast cancer – A cross sectional study 22 Oct 2019 edit view
Retirement: What nurses should know and do? 29 Sep 2019 edit view
The effectiveness of preoperative individual information on reducing anxiety and pain after hysterectomy: A randomized controlled trial 26 Sep 2019 edit view
Genetics in the Danish nursing education: A questionnaire study 26 Sep 2019 edit view
Blending learning: The preferred choice of clinical nurse educators to provide continuing professional development 24 Sep 2019 edit view
Admission academic metrics and later success in an accelerated master’s entry program 23 Sep 2019 edit view
Fostering the sleep instructional guidelines for nursing students regarding their sleep quality, academic performance and psychosocial behavior 23 Sep 2019 edit view
A pilot assessment: Integrating a cystic fibrosis simulation scenario to enhance pre-licensure educational understanding of genomics 17 Sep 2019 edit view
The relationship between family environmental factors and child sensory integration 17 Sep 2019 edit view
Lean thinking in total nursing care for mechanically ventilated patients: A new concept in ICU 16 Sep 2019 edit view
Sleep quality of Brazilian nursing students: A cross-sectional study 16 Sep 2019 edit view
Experience of nurse practitioners transitioning into independent practice: A qualitative study 23 Aug 2019 edit view
Managing patients in the emergency department with mental health and substance use disorders 22 Aug 2019 edit view
Progressive care orientation: Incorporating a program that supports transition to practice 21 Aug 2019 edit view
Bedside clinicians retain nurses through turnover analysis and best practices 21 Aug 2019 edit view
Using evidence-based debriefing to combat moral distress in critical care nurses: A pilot project 14 Aug 2019 edit view
Relationship between organizational trust and organizational citizenship behaviors: Staff nurses’ perspective 05 Aug 2019 edit view