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Human Resources for Health

Title Added Edit View
Explaining retention of healthcare workers in Tanzania: moving on, coming to ‘look, see and go’, or stay? 19 Jan 2016 edit view
Job preferences among clinical officers in public sector facilities in rural Kenya: a discrete choice experiment 08 Jan 2016 edit view
Profile, knowledge, and work patterns of a cadre of maternal, newborn, and child health CHWs focusing on preventive and promotive services in Morogoro Region, Tanzania 24 Dec 2015 edit view
Approaches to improving the contribution of the nursing and midwifery workforce to increasing universal access to primary health care for vulnerable populations: a systematic review 18 Dec 2015 edit view
The privatization of medical education in Brazil: trends and challenges 17 Dec 2015 edit view
Community health workers in rural India: analysing the opportunities and challenges Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) face in realising their multiple roles 09 Dec 2015 edit view
Inequality trends of health workforce in different stages of medical system reform (1985-2011) in China 08 Dec 2015 edit view
The roles and training of primary care doctors: China, India, Brazil and South Africa 04 Dec 2015 edit view
Health worker migration from South Africa: causes, consequences and policy responses 03 Dec 2015 edit view
Motivation or demotivation of health workers providing maternal health services in rural areas in Vietnam: findings from a mixed-methods study 02 Dec 2015 edit view
Factors behind job preferences of Peruvian medical, nursing and midwifery students: a qualitative study focused on rural deployment 02 Dec 2015 edit view
Emerging roles and competencies of district and sub-district pharmacists: a case study from Cape Town 24 Nov 2015 edit view
Global health leadership training in resource-limited settings: a collaborative approach by academic institutions and local health care programs in Uganda 18 Nov 2015 edit view
Future requirements for and supply of ophthalmologists for an aging population in Singapore 17 Nov 2015 edit view
Regional differences of outpatient physician supply as a theoretical economic and empirical generalized linear model 17 Nov 2015 edit view
What factors influence the choice of urban or rural location for future practice of Nepalese medical students? A cross-sectional descriptive study 10 Nov 2015 edit view
Job satisfaction and motivation among public sector health workers: evidence from Ethiopia 29 Oct 2015 edit view
Posting and transfer: key to fostering trust in government health services 13 Oct 2015 edit view
Examining domains of community health nurse satisfaction and motivation: results from a mixed-methods baseline evaluation in rural Ghana 08 Oct 2015 edit view
A qualitative assessment of health extension workers’ relationships with the community and health sector in Ethiopia: opportunities for enhancing maternal health performance 30 Sep 2015 edit view
Projections of specialist physicians in Mexico: a key element in planning human resources for health 22 Sep 2015 edit view
Alternative scenarios: harnessing mid-level providers and evidence-based practice in primary dental care in England through operational research 15 Sep 2015 edit view
“Once the government employs you, it forgets you”: Health workers’ and managers’ perspectives on factors influencing working conditions for provision of maternal health care services in a rural district of Tanzania 14 Sep 2015 edit view
Human resources for primary health care in sub-Saharan Africa: progress or stagnation? 10 Sep 2015 edit view
What motivates doctors to leave the UK NHS for a “life in the sun” in New Zealand; and, once there, why don’t they stay? 08 Sep 2015 edit view