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Health Policy and Planning

Title Added Edit View
Measuring Catastrophic Health Expenditures and its Inequality: Evidence from Iran’s Health Transformation Program 03 Jun 2019 edit view
‘It makes you someone who changes with the times’: health worker and client perspectives on a smartphone-based counselling application deployed in rural Tanzania 01 Jun 2019 edit view
Does volunteer community health work empower women? Evidence from Ethiopia’s Women’s Development Army 29 May 2019 edit view
At what cost is performance-based financing implemented? Novel evidence from Malawi 18 May 2019 edit view
A cost-effectiveness analysis of maternal and neonatal health interventions in Ethiopia 18 May 2019 edit view
Value and effectiveness of National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups in low- and middle-income countries: a qualitative study of global and national perspectives 10 May 2019 edit view
The effectiveness of training in emergency obstetric care: a systematic literature review 05 May 2019 edit view
‘Gender is not even a side issue…it’s a non-issue’: career trajectories and experiences from the perspective of male and female healthcare managers in Kenya 25 Apr 2019 edit view
Health system strengthening in post-conflict ethnic regions of Northeastern Myanmar: a qualitative study 02 Apr 2019 edit view
Disability-based disparity in outpatient health system responsiveness among the older adults in low- to upper-middle-income countries 19 Mar 2019 edit view
‘Doing more with less’: a qualitative investigation of perceptions of South African health service managers on implementation of health innovations 12 Mar 2019 edit view
Initiation and continuity of maternal healthcare: examining the role of vouchers and user-fee removal on maternal health service use in Kenya 06 Mar 2019 edit view
Integrated and differentiated methadone and HIV care for people who use drugs: a qualitative study in Kenya with implications for implementation science 20 Feb 2019 edit view
Household saving during pregnancy and facility delivery in Zambia: a cross-sectional study 14 Feb 2019 edit view
A new approach to assess the capability of health facilities to provide clinical care for sexual violence against women: a pilot study 08 Feb 2019 edit view
Consensus building around nutrition lessons from the 2014–16 Ebola virus disease outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone 07 Feb 2019 edit view
How does managed competition affect hospital prices in a social health insurance system? The Colombian case 19 Nov 2018 edit view
Does payment for performance increase performance inequalities across health providers? A case study of Tanzania 31 Oct 2018 edit view
Long-term care systems as social security: the case of Chile 26 Oct 2018 edit view
Building informed trust: developing an educational tool for injection practices and health insurance in Cambodia 11 Oct 2018 edit view
The impact of reducing and eliminating user fees on facility-based delivery: a controlled interrupted time series in Burkina Faso 26 Sep 2018 edit view
Estimating the cost and cost-effectiveness for obstetric fistula repair in hospitals in Uganda: a low income country 24 Sep 2018 edit view
Does supportive supervision enhance community health worker motivation? A mixed-methods study in four African countries 21 Sep 2018 edit view
The impact of out-of-pocket costs on treatment commencement and adherence in chronic kidney disease: a systematic review 21 Sep 2018 edit view
Developing more participatory and accountable institutions for health: identifying health system research priorities for the Sustainable Development Goal-era 20 Sep 2018 edit view