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Health Education Research

Title Added Edit View
The value of sponsor fit and sincerity when promoting health messages at sport and art events 26 Nov 2019 edit view
The RxHL study: community-responsive research to explore barriers to medication adherence 26 Nov 2019 edit view
Innovative recruitment strategies for a comprehensive worksite wellness initiative 21 Oct 2019 edit view
What are the factors associated with the implementation of a peer-led health promotion program? Insights from a multiple-case study 08 Oct 2019 edit view
The impact of cancer information online on cancer fatalism: education and eHealth literacy as moderators 24 Sep 2019 edit view
Development of a gender-relevant tobacco cessation intervention for women in Brazil—an intervention mapping approach to planning 08 Sep 2019 edit view
The application of geographic information systems (ArcGIS) in selecting locations for installing banners and billboards in a health campaign 08 Sep 2019 edit view
Examining smoke-free coalitions in Armenia and Georgia: baseline community capacity 26 Aug 2019 edit view
Process evaluation of a community-based diabetes prevention program in China: the Pathway to Health (PATH) 02 Aug 2019 edit view
Development and acceptability of a peer-paired, cross-cultural and cross-generational storytelling HPV intervention for Korean American college women 11 Jul 2019 edit view
Culture-centeredness in community-based participatory research: contributions to health education intervention research 25 Jun 2019 edit view
Patterns of drinking alcohol and intentions to binge drink among medical students in Vietnam 05 Jun 2019 edit view
Corrigendum to: A community intervention study on patients’ resuscitation and defibrillation quality after embedded training in a cardiac rehabilitation program 03 Jun 2019 edit view
How to foster informed decision making about food supplements: results from an international Delphi study 01 Jun 2019 edit view
Integrating multiple community perspectives in intervention development 23 May 2019 edit view
Outcomes of the Adelante community social marketing campaign for Latino youth 18 May 2019 edit view
Human papillomavirus vaccination among diverse college students in the state of Georgia: who receives recommendation, who initiates and what are the reasons? 12 May 2019 edit view
The Real Cost: Alaska’s innovative media campaign to raise awareness about the direct and indirect costs of smoking to society 06 May 2019 edit view
Colorectal cancer knowledge and screening adherence among low-income Hispanic employees 28 Apr 2019 edit view
‘Swimming mosquitoes’: a key stepping stone to prevent Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya: an educative experience in Colima, Mexico 16 Apr 2019 edit view
Do graphic health warning labels on cigarette packages deter purchases at point-of-sale? An experiment with adult smokers 01 Apr 2019 edit view
Impact of changes in home smoking bans on tobacco cessation among quitline callers 01 Apr 2019 edit view
A culturally and linguistically salient pilot intervention to promote colorectal cancer screening among Latinos receiving care in a Federally Qualified Health Center 30 Mar 2019 edit view
Improving diet quality among adolescents, using health belief model in a collaborative learning context: a randomized field trial study 26 Mar 2019 edit view
Evaluation of an education program based on the theory of planned behavior for salt intake in individuals at risk of hypertension 05 Mar 2019 edit view