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Health Education Research

Title Added Edit View
Do graphic health warning labels on cigarette packages deter purchases at point-of-sale? An experiment with adult smokers 01 Apr 2019 edit view
Impact of changes in home smoking bans on tobacco cessation among quitline callers 01 Apr 2019 edit view
A culturally and linguistically salient pilot intervention to promote colorectal cancer screening among Latinos receiving care in a Federally Qualified Health Center 30 Mar 2019 edit view
Improving diet quality among adolescents, using health belief model in a collaborative learning context: a randomized field trial study 26 Mar 2019 edit view
Evaluation of an education program based on the theory of planned behavior for salt intake in individuals at risk of hypertension 05 Mar 2019 edit view
Using graphic text-messaging to promote smoking cessation among first-generation Chinese and Korean male immigrants 25 Feb 2019 edit view
Bridging the gap in outreach and compliance with mass drug administration for lymphatic filariasis elimination in an endemic district in Kerala, India: an intervention research approach 25 Feb 2019 edit view
The improvement of dietary behaviors among Iranian adolescent girls: a theory-based randomized controlled trial 20 Feb 2019 edit view
Physical activity in persons with diabetes: its relationship with media use for health information, socioeconomic status and age 12 Feb 2019 edit view
A community intervention study on patients’ resuscitation and defibrillation quality after embedded training in a cardiac rehabilitation program 11 Feb 2019 edit view
Youth generated prevention messages about electronic cigarettes 08 Feb 2019 edit view
Improving health communication with photographic images that increase identification in three minority populations 05 Feb 2019 edit view
Evaluation of a self-management patient education programme for fibromyalgia—results of a cluster-RCT in inpatient rehabilitation 28 Jan 2019 edit view
Implementation and enforcement of smoke-free policies in public housing 08 Jan 2019 edit view
Influencing cardiovascular health habits in the rural, deep south: results of a cluster randomized trial 02 Jan 2019 edit view
Improving the use of evidence in public health policy development, enactment and implementation: a multiple-case study 02 Jan 2019 edit view
Church leaders’ barriers and facilitators before and after implementing a physical activity and nutrition intervention 02 Jan 2019 edit view
Ebola outbreak in Nigeria: perceptions from commercial motorcyclists and passengers in Ibadan, Nigeria 24 Dec 2018 edit view
The impact of a theory-based web-intervention on the intention to use prescription drugs for non-medical purposes among college students: a randomized controlled trial 24 Dec 2018 edit view
Evaluation of Together We Inspire Smart Eating: pre-school fruit and vegetable consumption 19 Dec 2018 edit view
Evaluation of a generic patient education program in children with different chronic conditions 10 Dec 2018 edit view
Attitudes toward HIV testing, awareness of HIV campaigns, and using social networking sites to deliver HIV testing messages in the age of social media: a qualitative study of young black men 01 Dec 2018 edit view
Evaluation of a training aimed at building capacity for outreaching to men who have sex with men and transgender women in Indonesia 01 Dec 2018 edit view
Teachers’ competence, school policy and social context—HIV prevention needs of primary schools in Kagera, Tanzania 29 Nov 2018 edit view
The effect of an educational intervention in early pregnancy with spouse's participation on optimal gestational weight gain in pregnancy: a randomized controlled trial 29 Nov 2018 edit view