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Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

Title Added Edit View
Health related quality of life among children with transfusion dependent β-thalassaemia major and haemoglobin E β-thalassaemia in Sri Lanka: a case control study 08 Aug 2019 edit view
Using the Fatigue Severity Scale to inform healthcare decision-making in multiple sclerosis: mapping to three quality-adjusted life-year measures (EQ-5D-3L, SF-6D, MSIS-8D) 05 Aug 2019 edit view
A quality of life questionnaire for adolescents with cerebral palsy: psychometric properties of the Bengali CPQoL-teens 02 Aug 2019 edit view
Areas of work-life in Spanish hostelry professionals: explanatory power on burnout dimensions 30 Jul 2019 edit view
Attitudes toward and beliefs about obese persons across Hong Kong and Taiwan: wording effects and measurement invariance 30 Jul 2019 edit view
Investigation of swallowing function and swallowing-related quality of life after partial laryngectomy in Chinese patients with laryngeal carcinoma 26 Jul 2019 edit view
The association between elderly people’s sedentary behaviors and their health-related quality of life: focusing on comparing the young-old and the old-old 26 Jul 2019 edit view
Fatigue in chronic hepatitis B patients is significant and associates with autonomic dysfunction 25 Jul 2019 edit view
Individual differences and health in chronic pain: are sex-differences relevant? 22 Jul 2019 edit view
Rehabilitation interventions in randomized controlled trials for low back pain: proof of statistical significance often is not relevant 22 Jul 2019 edit view
Validity and reliability of the Persian version of the psychosocial impact of dental aesthetics questionnaire 18 Jul 2019 edit view
Cross-cultural adaptation, reliability, and validity of the Vertigo symptom scale–short form in the central Kurdish dialect 17 Jul 2019 edit view
The relationship between endometriosis-related pelvic pain and symptom frequency, and subjective wellbeing 16 Jul 2019 edit view
Structured literature review of patient-reported outcome (PRO) instruments in adult tonsillectomy or tonsillotomy 15 Jul 2019 edit view
Validation of the Indonesian version of multiple sclerosis quality of life-54 (MSQOL-54 INA) questionnaire 12 Jul 2019 edit view
Well-being and health-related quality of life in new-generation migrant workers in Zhejiang province, China 12 Jul 2019 edit view
The Iranian version of geriatric anxiety inventory (GAI-P): a validation study 11 Jul 2019 edit view
Impact of type 2 diabetes treated with non-insulin medication and number of diabetes-coexisting diseases on EQ-5D-5 L index scores in the Finnish population 08 Jul 2019 edit view
Health related quality of life in multimorbidity: a primary-care based study from Odisha, India 05 Jul 2019 edit view
Fatigue level changes with time in long-term Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivors: a joint EORTC-LYSA cross-sectional study 02 Jul 2019 edit view
Differential item functioning of the SF-12 in a population-based regional joint replacement registry 02 Jul 2019 edit view
Gastrointestinal symptoms - an illness burden that affects daily work in patients with IBS 01 Jul 2019 edit view
MCDA-based deliberation to value health states: lessons learned from a pilot study 01 Jul 2019 edit view
Features and impact of missing values in the association of self-rated health with mortality in care homes: a longitudinal study 29 Jun 2019 edit view
Migraine-Specific Quality of Life Questionnaire Chinese version 2.1 (MSQv2.1-C): psychometric evaluation in patients with migraine 24 Jun 2019 edit view