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Globalization and Health

Title Added Edit View
Conceptual and institutional gaps: understanding how the WHO can become a more effective cross-sectoral collaborator 24 Nov 2015 edit view
Rethinking health care commercialization: evidence from Malaysia 19 Nov 2015 edit view
‘They hear “Africa” and they think that there can’t be any good services’ – perceived context in cross-national learning: a qualitative study of the barriers to Reverse Innovation 19 Nov 2015 edit view
Mitigation of non-communicable diseases in developing countries with community health workers 10 Nov 2015 edit view
Trade liberalization, social policies and health: an empirical case study 12 Oct 2015 edit view
The role of trade and investment liberalization in the sugar-sweetened carbonated beverages market: a natural experiment contrasting Vietnam and the Philippines 12 Oct 2015 edit view
Bibliometric analysis on global Catha edulis (khat) research production during the period of 1952–2014 04 Sep 2015 edit view
Introducing payment for performance in the health sector of Tanzania- the policy process 02 Sep 2015 edit view
“I get hungry all the time”: experiences of poverty and pregnancy in an urban healthcare setting in South Africa 25 Aug 2015 edit view
Attitudes and behaviours of maternal health care providers in interactions with clients: a systematic review 15 Aug 2015 edit view
Erratum to: Medicines availability for non-communicable diseases: the case for standardized monitoring 06 Aug 2015 edit view
Does Pharmaceutical Pricing Transparency Matter? Examining Brazil’s Public Procurement System 04 Aug 2015 edit view
On est ensemble: social capital and maternal health care use in rural Cameroon 01 Aug 2015 edit view
Burgeoning burden of non-communicable diseases in Nepal: a scoping review 16 Jul 2015 edit view
Psychosocial job characteristics, wealth, and culture: differential effects on mental health in the UK and Thailand 08 Jul 2015 edit view
A study of mobile phone use among patients with noncommunicable diseases in La Paz, Bolivia: implications for mHealth research and development 04 Jul 2015 edit view
Policy implications of medical tourism development in destination countries: revisiting and revising an existing framework by examining the case of Jamaica 04 Jul 2015 edit view
Teaching global health with simulations and case discussions in a medical student selective 04 Jul 2015 edit view
Community-based interventions for improving maternal health and for reducing maternal health inequalities in high-income countries: a systematic map of research 01 Jul 2015 edit view
Profile of people with hypertension in Nairobi’s slums: a descriptive study 27 Jun 2015 edit view
Implementation of an electronic fingerprint-linked data collection system: a feasibility and acceptability study among Zambian female sex workers 27 Jun 2015 edit view
Aid conditionalities, international Good Manufacturing Practice standards and local production rights: a case study of local production in Nepal 14 Jun 2015 edit view
Understanding the United States and Brazil’s response to obesity: institutional conversion, policy reform, and the lessons learned 10 Jun 2015 edit view
Reducing the global burden of type 2 diabetes by improving the quality of staple foods: The Global Nutrition and Epidemiologic Transition Initiative 04 Jun 2015 edit view
Diplomatic advantages and threats in global health program selection, design, delivery and implementation: development and application of the Kevany Riposte 27 May 2015 edit view