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BMJ Open

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Effects of ketamine treatment on suicidal ideation: a qualitative study of patients accounts following treatment for depression in a UK ketamine clinic 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Patients information needs and attitudes about post-treatment surveillance for colorectal cancer in the United States: a multi-perspective, mixed methods study 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Reliability of a wearable wireless patch for continuous remote monitoring of vital signs in patients recovering from major surgery: a clinical validation study from the TRaCINg trial 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Knowledge acquisition and retention following Saving Childrens Lives course for healthcare providers in Botswana: a longitudinal cohort study 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Clinical practice outcomes and differential results in maternal and neonatal morbidity among pregnant women in Spain who are candidates for a normal birth: a cross-sectional study 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Characteristics of stakeholder involvement in systematic and rapid reviews: a methodological review in the area of health services research 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Collaborative design of a decision aid for stroke survivors with multimorbidity: a qualitative study in the UK engaging key stakeholders 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Impact of Compression Therapy on Cellulitis (ICTOC) in adults with chronic oedema: a randomised controlled trial protocol 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Psychometrics properties of the Team Interaction Scale and influencing factors of team interaction of tertiary hospital physicians in China: a cross-sectional study 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Southampton Arm Fracture Frailty and Sarcopenia Study (SAFFSS): a study protocol for the feasibility of assessing frailty and sarcopenia among older patients with an upper limb fracture 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Qualitative study exploring the key determinants of information gathering to inform the management of over-the-counter (OTC) consultations in community pharmacies 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Product attributes important to US adult consumers use of electronic nicotine delivery systems: a discrete choice experiment 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Detection of pulmonary nodules: a clinical study protocol to compare ultra-low dose chest CT and standard low-dose CT using ASIR-V 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Efficacy and safety of the combination of reduced duration prophylaxis followed by immuno-guided prophylaxis to prevent cytomegalovirus disease in lung transplant recipients (CYTOCOR STUDY): an open-label, randomised, non-inferiority clinical trial 16 Aug 2019 edit view
A population-based retrospective study comparing cancer mortality between Moluccan migrants and the general Dutch population: equal risk 65 years after immigration? 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Study protocol: NITric oxide during cardiopulmonary bypass to improve Recovery in Infants with Congenital heart defects (NITRIC trial): a randomised controlled trial 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Correction: Randomised controlled trial to investigate the effectiveness of thoracic epidural and paravertebral blockade in reducing chronic post-thoracotomy pain (TOPIC): a pilot study to assess feasibility of a large multicentre trial 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Guidance on how to develop complex interventions to improve health and healthcare 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Transplantation of high-risk donor livers after resuscitation and viability assessment using a combined protocol of oxygenated hypothermic, rewarming and normothermic machine perfusion: study protocol for a prospective, single-arm study (DHOPE-COR-NMP tri 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Patient journey following lumbar discectomy surgery: protocol for a single-centre qualitative analysis of the patient rehabilitation experience (DiscJourn) 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Cost-effectiveness of a high-intensity versus a low-intensity smoking cessation intervention in a dental setting: long-term follow-up 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Conceptual framework for personal recovery in mental health among children and adolescents: a systematic review and narrative synthesis protocol 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Health effect research on Hebei Spirit Oil Spill (HEROS) in Korea: a cohort profile 16 Aug 2019 edit view
What factors hinder ethnic minority women in rural China from getting antenatal care? A retrospective data analysis 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Correction: Use of complementary medicine products: a nationally representative cross-sectional survey of 2019 Australian adults 16 Aug 2019 edit view