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Psychological Factors

Title Added Edit View
Health at a Glance 2013 21 Nov 2013 edit view
Health Inequalities: AYPH Research Summary 13 Aug 2013 edit view
World Health Organization (WHO) 20 Jun 2013 edit view
European Portal for Action on Health Inequalities 25 Mar 2013 edit view
Extra healthy years or just extra years? What can we know from the data we have on the island of Ireland? 12 Mar 2013 edit view
An overview of 40 years of data (General Lifestyle Survey Overview - a report on the 2011 General Lifestyle Survey 12 Mar 2013 edit view
Well-Being in Post-Primary Schools: Guidelines for Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention 07 Feb 2013 edit view
A Report on the All-Ireland Young Men and Suicide Project 23 Jan 2013 edit view
Disability in the Irish Labour Market: Evidence from the QNHS Equality Module 2010 16 Jan 2013 edit view
Information and communication technology in patient education and support for people with schizophrenia 30 Oct 2012 edit view
A Strategy to Improve the Lives of Disabled People: A Consultation Document 23 Aug 2012 edit view
Improving Dementia Services in Northern Ireland: A Regional Strategy 23 Aug 2012 edit view
Including the Homeless 23 Aug 2012 edit view
Clustering of Unhealthy Behaviours Over Time: Implications for Policy and Practice 23 Aug 2012 edit view
IASO Obesity and Mental Health 2012 Conference Presentations 02 Jul 2012 edit view
Northern Ireland Peace Monitoring Report 29 Feb 2012 edit view
Obesity and Mental Health 13 Jul 2011 edit view
Social inequalities in health. New evidence and policy implications 28 Apr 2011 edit view
The Irish alcohol misuser in England: Ill served by research and policy? Some suggestions for future research opportunities. 27 Apr 2011 edit view
Health inequalities: third report of session 2008-09, volume I 26 Sep 2010 edit view
2008 Health Inequalities Profiles: Data sources 26 Sep 2010 edit view
Public Policy and Ageing in Northern Ireland: Identifying Levers for Change 13 Jun 2010 edit view
Survey of Lifestyle, Attitudes and Nutrition in Ireland. Mental Health and Social Well-being Report 13 Jun 2010 edit view
Promoting Mental Health: Strategy and Action Plan 2003-2008 12 Mar 2010 edit view